Technology Resource Links

AIA White Paper - The Technology Stakes, by Laurie Barlow  Nov. 2006 
The Silos of  BIM - 2008
BIM includes: Design Management, A Lean Approach  - Kensek, Noble: BIM Feedback into Design
AIA National Channel- search "AIA technology" and "AIA BIM"

E202: Who owns the BIM model?
Guide, Instructions and Commentary to the 2013 AIA Digital Practice Documents
AIA Contract Documents general outline
LOD | BIMForum 
Real power of BIM is data - Record BIM Types by Cliff Moser
Information Design Guidelines 
BIM to Facilities Management: Management of Maintenance issues for a facility or plant CMMS
Agile Manifesto - software revolution towards BIM
BIM, constructible data, will transform the industry
Architect’s Guide to Building Performance - integrate building performance simulation into the design process
Phil Bernstein envisions a digitally integrated, transparent AECO process that could operate as efficiently as the internet.
Collaboration between Autodesk and Esri intends to put GIS and BIM at the center of projects.
TestFit is generative design software for rapid development of building configurations in urban development

Journal of Building Information Modeling
Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie)
About the National BIM Standard
BS 1192 forms basis for new international BIM standards
National BIM Standard v2 download
Omniclass (OCCS) a means of organizing and retrieving information specifically designed for the construction industry.
United States National CAD Standard, V5 
AGC Technology page 
First Bentley and now Trimble - Autodesk teams up
Cloud-based apps for construction
AECbytes: 3D laser scanning technology
Building Design & Construction: Laser Scanning Best Practices
Hardware - bottlenecks common to virtually all CAD applications: safely overclocked BOXX workstations
By uploading BIMs into Tridify as IFC files, BIM models are now published to the web in just a few clicks; it improves the way teams work in the early design phases.

Building Design & Construction: The BIM/VDC Journey
Building Design & Construction: BIM 2.0 Future Visions
Building Design & Construction - BIM Waste Management
Building Design & Construction - BIM/IT articles
Building Design & Construction - BIM Topics for 2013
Building Design & Construction - Digital COM 
Building Design & Construction - Big Data in Planning 
Building Design & Construction - Tally app for Revit: Materials Impact
Building Design & Construction - BIM to Rendered Movies
Building Design & Construction - IPD & LEAN Construction
Building Design & Construction - 6 Lessons from a true IPD project Building Design & Construction - Virtual Reality with the Unity environment

Building Design & Construction - BIM becomes VDC
(BIM typically is focused inside the building envelope, VDC is 'BIM' for outside)

McGraw-Hill BIM Community
Our industry practices: The Trouble with BIM
Adapting BIM with scripting: tailoring off-the-rack programs by Karen Kensek
Creating rules-based pattern apps by Cliff Moser
CAD vs BIM by Jay Zallan
Software Licensing Issues (EULA)
LEAN Design - BIM and Integrated Design - great links on the blogroll
AIA Building Connections - Interoperability Standards
buildingSMART Alliance
BIM Project Execution Planning Guide, buildingSMART Alliance
IFC4 Released at Building Smart
BlueBeam Revu pdf and Studio Platform
The Big Room
Building Information Management Framework
Tech trends of the future - Architect
AECbytes:Bentley Infrastructure 2014 CONNECT
AECbytes: Technology Updates Issue 
Virtual and Augmented reality (VR, AR) in construction
BIM implementation strategy
3D Model Color Printing from all filetypes - including photos
Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall, Stuttgart, is the first structure to be made entirely of robot-fabricated plates

Examples of object libraries (note IFC issues)

  1. ARCxl detail library
  2. SmartBIM Library 
  3. Building better BIM libraries
Model Progression Specification: AIA E202 from Vico w/resource links
BIM Certification? - discussion from Vico
Google's BIM-busting App for Design & Construction
KA Connect Conferences - BIM and IPD
KA Connect is a community of AEC professionals driven to transform the way the industry creates, captures, and shares knowledge. Conference link here.

International Home of OpenBIM- European collaborative structure
AGC BIMForum: co-sponsored by AGC and AIA, held twice yearly
AGC BIM Resources - software matrix and other references
Engineering News Record IT Resources
Debunking the Myths About BIM in the Cloud
Blog 3-part series: Adopting BIM  4 BIM Flavors  Primary Benefits
BIM mobile apps for tablets in the field
Dalux BIM viewer app views multiple BIM models on the server with a tablet
Three Augmented and Virtual Reality Apps

Unreal Engine SIGGRAPH User Group | Unreal Engine
Distruptive technology? PlusSpec BIM on Sketchup
Creating Innovation Value in the A/E/C Industry
Google Flux Metro BIM - Visualize zoning/development envelope in 3D  

BIM Resources site
AIA Survey of BIM Standards and Guidelines

Private BIM Clouds Thin Client w/Central Servers
A substantial number of leading AEC firms wrote an open letter to Autodesk CEO in 2020
Architecture firms to Autodesk: We're no longer happy with Revit

Autodesk Glue - cloud based BIM (was Horizontal)
Autodesk: What is BIM 
W3C: One Web

Discussion of the Autodesk issue is here

What's the future? Who owns the information?